Welcome to my commission page! As you can see, most of my portfolio is dragons, however feel free to look up my socials to see other types of drawings I've made. If you are not sure about whether or not I'd be able to draw something for you, ask me! To commission me, contact me on Discord at Hemlock#2504, or on one of my socials! (Discord will get you the quickest response though). I usually work fast, so unless you are asking of me a particularly detailled artwork or something I am not used to do, you will usually get your finished piece in under two weeks, sometimes much faster (my geometric style specifically tends to be very quickly done). Payment is asked in full after you having okay-ed the sketch. Usually, you will get progress pics, and I allow changes or corrections at any steps as long as they aren't a complete change of the drawing (aside from the sketch, which obviously can be redone entirely).

I will draw/won't draw

I can draw dragons, obviously, but also any sort of anthropomorphic or feral animal/creature. I can try humanoids, but they are not my speciality. Simple robotic designs can also be drawn but I may reject more complex ones. I will not draw artworks that are offensive (racist, misogynistic, transphobic, etc), that includes some "tribal" designs. I have no problems with natural landscapes. I can do city or interior landscapes, but I may need more time to get them right. If you are looking for a particular view, stylistic choice, or palette, ask! I'd be delighted to try.


Icon : 35$ per char

Bust : 50$ per char

Fullbody : 70$ per char


Headshot : 45$ per char

Bust : 55$ per char

Fullbody : 65$ per char

Scene : 75$ + 65$ for additional char


Scenecore doodle : 50$ Just let me go wild! You'll get a doodle that is scenecorified, could be geometric, lined, lineless, just a fun lil surprise :]

Comic : 100+ depending on ideas