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My name is Hemlock, I'm a 20yo french artist and a fan of scenecore. I like to draw lineless, furry art and dragons particularly. I am in the fandoms of fnaf, wings of fire, Worm (webnovel), and minorly in some other stuff like age of fire or httyd. This website is to archive stuff i don't want lost on other social media and to mess around with making my own site.

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It Meh :P

I love art of my sona so gift doodles of Ara are more than welcome!! As my sona, he doesn't have a particular backstory as he's just. me. However he has several forms not yet listed here such as a were-bird form and a "real me" form. He's nonbinary, polyamorous, and bisexual just like I am. I'd rather not have him be drawn genderbent (with breasts, mostly) unless it's a "drag-queen" situation. Go nuts with clothes though! His design is very variable so you can absolutely play with his design. The only real obligatory stuff is him being red-to-pink unless you are working with a specific palette and the markings around his eyes + the fact his eyes are black with white iris. He usually alternates between being a peacock, a roadrunner, a rooster, or a cockatrice.

I made him originally in 2018 as a member of an original specie that were anthropomorphic birds with reptile traits such as a raptor like tail, teeth and the sort of wing arms raptors have, who communicated primarily through mimicry and were named after their favorite sound. Ara was a sickly member with a mange-like illness, hence my handle being fleshbird on Twitter. He's since gone through a few remake, mostly getting his feathers back and getting pinker.

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