Sampled from the Wayback Machine, the werecard used to be a forum intro during the time of AHWW. Find the blank here. Filled for myself, not for Sunahbii

Human Name: Ara

Were Name: Hemlock

Email Address: swirlofsmoke.curvedclaws@gmail.com

Phenotype: Roadrunner with a draconic streak

Shifting Ability: constant mental state and phantom shift

Birthdate: 2002

Birthplace: France

Home Territory: Toulouse's most well warmed rocks

Dream Territory: A warm semi desertic zone

Physical Description, Human: Pink dyed hair and a tendency for mixing black with neon, small-ish, to my greatest regret, and thin.

Physical Description, Were: Roadrunner bird, although sometimes also represented by a pink anthropomorphic peacock/cockatrice

Human Career: Not entirely sure yet

Hobbies/Interests: Folklore, drawing, playing monster hunter, zoology

Favorite Movies: Jurassic Park, Avatar

Favorite Were-movie: Dragon : A fantasy made real, Wolf(2022)

Favorite Literature: Gregor the Overlander, A serie of unfortunate events, Stone Butch Blues,

Favorite Were Literature: Age of Fire by E.E knight, Tooth and claw, ga'hoole, When women were dragons

Favorite Artist: Omnia-Volo, Olivecow

Favorite Were-artist: me <3, Ayvaire, emi Yayanhi

Favorite Quote: "I hurried out to the pond to catch polywogs in a jar. I leaned on my elbow and looked up close at the little frogs that climbed up on the sun-baked rocks. "Caw, caw!" A huge black crow circled above me in the air and landed on a rock nearby. We looked at each other in silence. "Crow, are you a boy or a girl?" "Caw, caw!" I laughed and rolled over on my back. The sky was crayon blue. I pretended I was lying on the white cotton clouds. The earth was damp against my back. The sun was hot, the breeze was cool. I felt happy. Nature held me close and seemed to find no fault with me." -Stone Butch Blues

Favorite Were-quote: "Though torn and defiled... my true name is hope" Many-Time-Burned, Golden Treasure : The great green

Favorite Song/Band(s):Powerwolf, Sabaton, Glass animals, Yodelice, Juliette, MSI

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Holidays: Halloween

Preferred Prey: A good steak of raw beef :p

Hunting Tips: Always check freshness

Preferred Method of Attack: Roaming the streets for the occasion to pounce on a good deal

Favorite Non-Were Mythological Beast: basilisks and cockatrices but draconics in general are a fave of mine ;p

Feelings Toward Vampires: very cool i too have a constant craving toward blood

Feelings Toward Normal Humans: well you have to love some of them otherwise life becomes quite bleak

Personal Therianthropy: Since I was young I saw myself as nonhuman, although I mostly saw myself as a wyvern due to their presence in children stories. My tie to draconity is therefore from imprinting on these tales, but I was always avian, simply saw that part of me through a more reptilian lense. I discovered the nonhuman community when I was in middle school, and already had mental shifts although the phantom shifts arrived in the form of shifter's disease and were afterward possible for me to induce intentionally. I was also a maladaptive daydream, and it's unclear to me if Sunahbii is a produce of this or something else spiritual (i am more on the psychological side). I discovered I was a bird in 2018 when i encountered a picture of a roadrunner, and already knowing my traits it didn't take much time for me to confirm i was correct.